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Corel Painter™ 11

November 21, 2010

Yesterday I worked with Corel Painter™ 11 (trial version) for the very first time. I am used to paint in Photoshop and most people I know, who paint digitally, do this in in Photoshop too.

I spend about 2 hours just trying out all the different brushes and options. I was pretty much fascinated by the wide range of brushes and how realistic they are, compared with PS. I was wondering why not much more people use Painter but stay on using PS (which, by the way, costs a lot more).

Well, but later I started to paint a picture with Painter, in my usual dimensions, i.e. 3000 x 3600 pixel with 300 dpi. And ended up being pretty much disappointed about the lack of performance. Zooming in and out takes ages, as well as using a bigger sized brush or moving parts around. This way it’s just impossible to work fluently and it’s no fun. I searched a bit around in the web and found more people who moan about this.

Do you use Painter? What are your experiences? Did you possibly find a way to use it despite those performance problems? Please share your wisdom 😀


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