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Birthday Cards

November 22, 2010

Last sunday I spent a whole cold and rainy afternoon designing some birthday cards. I am not a designer but what I see from people who master vectors and such things, is always very inspiring!

Birthday Card 1
A flowery design. I wanted it to look like a handcrafted card. It’s available as greeting card via RedBubble.

Birthday Card 2
This one is a more romantic style, inspired by a similar design I saw somewhere on the web a while back. I’ll place a link if I find it again. Availabe as greeting card on Redbubble.

Birthday Card 3
If the last one is maybe more for girls and woman, this could be interesting for boys and men. It’s a more technical style and also available as greeting card via RedBubble.

Birthday Card 4
This is another one in a more handcrafted style. I wanted it to look a bit funny but not too childish. You can find it on RedBubble.

I also used some materials. These are (with many thanks):
Halftone Brushes
Tech Brushes
– another set of Tech Brushes
Tech Circle Brushes

I also used some flower and swirl brushes, but I cannot find them anymore. If someone knows where to find them, please let me know! 🙂


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