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Denise and Corel Painter 11 (2)

November 26, 2010

This is a portrait of my stepdaughter Denise, a pretty and cute 13-year-old. I made it colorful because she loves colors and she still has this bright smile, although she went through some hard times. She only doesn’t like the teeth, because she has a brace since a few weeks now and thinks I should have painted her teeth as they will be in a year :D. But I really like this little gap between her two front teeth!


I used Corel Painter (Trial) for the very first time to paint this and despite some performance problems here and there it was really fun to do it. On a lightly grained canvas, I used a pencil brush for the sketch, the colored pencils for the basic coloring and the crayons for the shading. I also used some blender brushes here and there very carefully.

I will be very sad if the trial period is over until I can afford the program. Well done, Corel! If you manage to add the smell of paper and crayons to the program, you create my personal digital painting paradise 😀


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