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5 interesting places for surreal artists

January 17, 2011

I am pretty sure that there are several websites for surreal artists – and I hope to find them all :D. Until then I recommend the following 5 online places where surreal artists show their wonderful works:

The Surreal Arts is a group within the deviantArt community. Membership is only by invitation and the quality of the artworks in their galleries is very high. They published a book last year with a collection of the best surreal artworks from the group’s galleries, and they help their members in several ways to get more attention and develop themselves.

“Surrealism” is a group within the Imagekind community and provides a places for surreal artists to show their pieces. The images are moderated to keep up a high quality.

Within the RedBubble community are several groups which focus on abstract and surreal art, but my favourite is the group “The Voyage Of The Surrealists with a wonderful collection of high quality artworks.

The is a site dedicated only to surreal arts. The community is small but growing and there are some pretty interesting galleries.

The Flickr group “Sureal Dimensions” with almost 800 members also provides a very interesting collection of surreal arts, including paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures and many more.

Check out these places and let me know what you think and which places you know and recommend.


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