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Did you ever imagine to be part of your favourite book?

February 24, 2011

I read a lot. I just love it. And I was late with that: as a younger child I almost never read any books, only comics. Although my elder sister always tried to change my mind (very lovingly of course, she always told me I was a dumbass ;)), I thought books were boring – until I got the right one for my birthday, the 13th I believe. I remember that it was about 2 teenage girls, close friends, who ran into some deep trouble as one of them started to take drugs. This book was the first step into a life as a passionate reader.

Since then I have read many, many books. And as I look back, I can see different phases, often influenced by what was hot, of course. I had my historical-novel-phase as well as a sience-fiction-novel-phase and almost everything in between :). Over the years I developed several little rituals and a certain reading style. I always look very close at the book cover and the information about the author and other meta information, after I read the first few pages. I try to feel its weight in my hands, smell the paper and the ink etc. After I finished a book, I usually keep on holding it in my hands for a while, thinking about what I read and if I would like to be part of the story I just read. And if so, which character I would like to be, maybe a complete new one.

By doing this I always learn something about me and it also broadens my mind and often leads to new ideas for my artworks. What about you? Do you imagine to be part of the story you just read? I would really like to know if other people do this too.

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  1. Hi Tanja!

    I’ m a passionate reader, too. But I prefer being the person outside of the story having an access-all-areas-look to all the characters in the novel (or short story or whatever). Of course there’ s a huge difference when writing stories. Then I act as a creator who knows all of his characters. But there is a interesting side to it, because sometimes my fictional characters offer hidden sides I wouldn’ t have expected right from the start. So both can be very exciting: reading and writing.
    Hope you liked my thoughts:)

    Kind regards


    • Hallo Frank!
      Danke für Deinen Kommentar. Ich habe eben einen Blick in Dein Blog geworfen und festgestellt, dass Du auch Deutscher bist :).

      Die Gesamtübersicht, die man als Leser hat, macht für mich auf jeden Fall einen wichtigen Teil aus. Schließlich ist es unter anderem auch das, was einen mitfiebern läßt. Wie oft lesen wir zum Beispiel in einem Krimi, wo die Gefahr lauert und müssen doch den Helden lesenden Auges in die Falle tappen lassen? “Nein, nicht dahin!”, will ich ich dann oft rufen, aber vergeblich :D.

      Bei mir ist es so, dass eine gute Geschichte nicht endet, wenn ich das letzte Wort gelesen habe. Ganz davon abgesehen, dass ich wirklich gute Bücher sowieso mindestens 10 Mal lese, bevor ich einigermaßen sicher bin, dass ich alle Details erfasst habe, denke ich auch gerne weiter über die Geschichte nach. Wie könnte sie weitergehen? Was wäre anders, wenn eine Person die eine oder andere Entscheidung nicht oder anders getroffen hätte? Und vor allem: Was hätte ich an ihrer Stelle getan? Solche Gedanken ziehen einen natürlich zwangsläufig in die Geschichte und schon ist man Teil davon :D.

      Ach, ich liebe Bücher.

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