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Sketchbook #12: Ten Minute Challenge

February 28, 2011

I gave the Ten Minute Challenge a try and made those drawings of a vase. Every single drawing was made with soft pastels on pastel paper within 7-10 minutes. They all have a size of 10 x 10 cm.

Funny to see what I can draw in such a short time. They are far from perfect, but it’s a good exercise to learn to see the most important parts of what you want to draw and to reduce everything. It’s a bit like drawing thumbnails of an idea as part of the planning of a new painting. I like it and will do it more often with different objects.

Vase 10 Minute Challenge


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  1. I think of myself as being able to play with words on a base level but I have absolutely no talents in drawing or painting. It’ s really astonishing to see how you can change a blank sheet of paper into a great picture!

    Falls Du Dich wunderst, warum ich diesen Kommentar in Englisch geschrieben habe…ich bin davon ausgegangen, daß Dein Blog eher von englischsprachigen Lesern frequentiert wird und ich dachte mir, so verstehen diese auch meinen Kommentar;)

    • Funny, because I usually have similar thoughts if I read something good, e.g. your short stories. I find it easier to paint with colors, while you often draw pictures with your words. 😀

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