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Sketchbook #13: pencil drawing of a pear

March 2, 2011

A pencil drawing of a pear. After about 3 years of almost only digital painting I am going back to the roots. Years ago I have been way better with pencils, so I have to practice a lot again.

I never liked drawing with pencils that much, although I really adore good pencil drawings and respect artists who master them. I have always been a painter rather than a drawer, but having some solid drawing skills undoubtedly help with almost every subject and material – except maybe with what I like to call “paint slapping”. For this you only need time and enough money for the supplies, but no skills.

Well, here’s my pear:
Pear pencil drawing

The process of scanning gave it more contrast than it actually has, but I did not want to alter it in Photoshop. In the original drawing, the whole thing looks a bit smoother.


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