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Feeling at home

March 3, 2011

Today I went to an art supply store here in Rotterdam where I haven’t been before. It’s Harolds Grafik in the neighbourhood of the Erasmus MC. On their webpage they have the slogan “It looks like a shop, but it’s paradise!” and, well, yes it is.

I love art supply stores. I love to look at all the wonderful materials they offer, the smell of paper and crayons, the wide range of different colors and all the unbelievable possibilities they mean! If I could afford it, I would buy almost everything there. I would buy the whole store :D!

Unfortunately I cannot afford it, so I only bought 2 small sketchbooks and some new pencils. But I saw those wonderful Sennelier grand soft pastels! Once I read in a book about them and that they are really special, but I never tried them myself because they are pretty expensive. Does someone use them and likes to tell me how they are?


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