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Sketchbook #24: Organic Forms

March 21, 2011

I was doodling around yesterday while watching tv and drew those organic forms with 2B, 4B & 8B pencils.

Organic Forms pencil drawing


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  1. oh, wow I just realized you wrote that these came from your head. I thought they were shell studies. I’d like to see these forms developed even more..look forward to it!

  2. You have a delicate lovely touch with the pencil. I can see your interest in those cool swirls and shapes you drew in the center of the page. How about punching them up even more by zooming in (cropping the still life in advance planning) so the negative space to the edge is just as compelling? Just a thought. I noticed your sketch of your sleeping boyfriend and there is a lot of shapes and energy going on there, so bringing some of that spontaneity into your still lives could be an interesting experiment. Kudos to you for keeping frequent, almost daily updates to your work. I’m going to try to do the same.

    • Thank you very much for your comments and the suggestions. I was already thinking about zooming more in with my still lives to make them more interesting. I will try this!
      I try to follow the idea of daily painting, that’s why I update so often. I see that it really pushes me forward if I keep staying in touch with my imagination and practice every day. 😀

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