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What are those “#… Daily” tweets posted on Twitter so often? Learn more here!

April 2, 2011

Did you every wonder what this is, the “#art Daily” or the “#painting Daily”? It’s simple: these are online newspapers, generated by based on a certain Twitter hashtag. Everybody can make such a newspaper! Basically it goes like this: you sign up to with your Twitter account, then create a new newspaper with a hashtag of your choice (first check if the newspaper already exists), change the settings to “tweet automatically every day” and there you go. The engine searches all tweets of a 24-hour-timestrip for the hashtag you chose and generates a newspaper-like summary. It’s great! For detailed information on how it works please visit the webpage.

I created a bunch of those newspapers the last few weeks, which are all tweeted automatically every day. I often get “thank you” tweets by people whose tweets are part of a paper. This is of course very friendly and I am glad that they like to be mentioned, but I do not really deserve the gratitude :). If you use a hashtag in your tweets, for which a newspaper exists, then chances are good that your tweet becomes part of the newspaper and maybe the top story.

I use the newspapers mainly to get an overview of the tweets related to a certain topic. I do not have the time to follow every tweet the whole day, so this gives me the chance to find interesting webpages, blog entries etc. Sometimes only a few people’s tweets contain the hashtag, so the paper is pretty short. But sometimes it’s much more and there are of course hashtags which are used very often, so the papers are full with information. It’s really great, so go and give it a try! 🙂

Screenshot newspaper #surreal


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