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7 reasons why I do not follow people on Twitter

April 21, 2011

Twitter is a great tool and I don’t want to miss it anymore. I meet interesting people there, learn a lot and find inspiration everyday. But aside the obvious spammers there are people sometimes who I do not follow or who I unfollow after a while, and here is why:

  • If people don’t have any information in their profile or a link to their website, I do not follow them. At least I want some basic information about the person.
  • A more than 6 month old account + less than 10 tweets = no follow.
  • If I am simply not interested in what they tweet about.
  • If they repeat the same tweets over and over again. This is spamming and a waste of my time. If they provide interesting information though, I’d rather get the RSS-feed of their weblog instead.
  • If the tweets are predominantly about sales proposals. I just hate this. If I want to buy anything I will look for it.
  • If the tweets are predominantly quotes. I prefer thinking my own thoughts. 🙂
  • And last but not least: I do not follow anybody just because they follow me.

For the last point: I really hope, that people who follow me, do this because they like my tweets! Please do not follow me only because I follow you!!


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