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Born in 1974, Tanja has always been imaginative and creative. During her schooldays she took part in different art projects, and later attended several art classes. Being a self-educated person she never stops to develop her skills in different genres, but mostly she creates surreal and dark themed artworks.
Originally from Germany, she now lives in the great city of Rotterdam, Netherlands, with her partner and her stepdaughter. In addition to German, she speaks English and Dutch.


My webpage: Galeria Surreal
Twitter: @Galeria_Surreal
Facebook: Galeria Surreal


Please respect my artworks and my copyright!
Any use of my artworks, including download, copy, alter, link to, show on websites, in galleries, collections or books, magazines and newspapers of any kind, requires my express written permission! You may set a link to my artworks and/or share them on Twitter etc. as long as you do not claim them as your own. Please notify me if you show my artworks on your website or weblog.

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